What is it?

Traumatology is the practice of diagnosing and treating  diseases of the Locomotor Apparatus produced by a traumatic agent.

Trauma can be high energy (blunt force) when the traumatic agent acts with violence (traffic accidents, accidents in high-risk sports, high-altitude falls) or low energy when the traumatic agent acts with less intensity (accidents in low-risk sports , Flat feet and various contusions).

Locomotive diseases of traumatic origin can affect the outermost surface, which is the skin, to the deepest, which is the bone, producing a huge range of injuries that require a rapid diagnosis and specialized treatment to ensure fast recovery and quick incorporation of our patients to their daily activity. Our team has specialized in minimally invasive Traumatology, which implies the use of instruments and implants intended to resolve major trauma with minimal incisions, causing less aggression to the tissues that leads in reducing postoperative pain and accelerates the healing process.

How are Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery different?

Doctors treating traumatic injuries have the degree known as "Specialists in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology," meaning that we treat two types of injuries: Orthopedic Surgery treats problems of progressive evolution in the musculoskeletal system - also recognized as chronic injuries. And in Traumatology the pathologies treated are of immediate presence - known as acute injuries.

Most frequent injuries