Lower back pain is very common in athletes and requires early and continuous treatment so it won't  cause absenses in training and competition.  The lumbar area has a vicious pain circle.  Whatever causes the pain causes a contraction of the musculature and this in turn increases the pain.  To ensure that this process isn't magnified and the athlete is not bedridden early treament is important.  In the initial phase we administer analgesics and muscle relaxants for pain along with a physiotherapist who guides sessions along the same lines.  If the pain increases we use more powerful painkillers and more intense relaxers, although they produce drowsiness.  Applied heat is a good relaxant and if possible we use hot water pools or bathtubs.  Once we have gone through the most acute phase we go one to explore the possible causes and schedule complementary explorations.  (RX, MRI, CT scan).  Once the lesion is diagnosed we advise the appropriate treatment.  Lower back pain can be controlled using medical and physio equipment, but also with osteopathic, chiropractic and acupuncture proceedures.  It is very importat to adapt physical training to improve flexibility and muscular toning.  The most serious cases end up in the Pain Clinic and sometimes in surgery.